Monday, 30 April 2012

Why should I be selected as a TOUCH KOREA TOUR winner???

Special thanks to Korea Plaza KL and Korea Tourism Organization for creating such a great TOUCH KOREA TOUR contest because from this contest has made my interest to discover more about Korea growth deeper and I would never stop my interest towards Korea forever.  Every day I learned a new Korean word either from drama, movie, variety show and songs. I’m practiced it a lot and practical it with my roommate (even thought my friend not the k-pop lover but I just let her heard it hehehehe…).

Korea is the country that I really want to go. Every day I pray to god that one day I would make sure that I would fly to Korea (hope that god will heard my wish).  From this contest hopefully my wish will come true. The most important thing that 2PM and Miss A are my favourite idol group. From this contest not only we gone win trip to Korea, but also got the opportunity to get accompany by 2PM and Miss A along this trip. Yeahhh!!!… (only hearing that  makes me crazy).

I had done my best efforts for this contest. I tried to get the best and interesting information about Korea for the readers. I learned a new experience from creating this blog (because before this my knowledge about blog is zero) and I’m honoured to be one of the participants for this contest.

If I’m the lucky winner for this contest it would be the biggest present for me and it's gone a made my dreams has come true. Thanks again to Korea Plaza KL and Korea Tourism Organization.

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