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K-Pop Fever

Now day’s K-pop fever has begun to spread widely and admired by many people especially the youths throughout the world. K-pop world known through dramas that aired on television and the songs that have been played on radio stations. Fans of K-pop are too easily influenced by the trends brought by artists from Korea. This proves that Asian cultures have a big substantial influence into world music industry. For those who do not know about the k-pop world, here some tips I want to share how to recognize the stars from Korea.

      1)    A group of three names.
           In K-pop world a group typically has three names, such as Dong Bang Shin Ki or  
           DBSK as their abbreviation. This group most has biggest fans in Korea. They also 
           has spread their  wings by make tour concerts in abroad. On that time also, the  
           name of their group turned to TVXQ (Tong Van Xien Qi) are known in countries 
           such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. While the title THSK (Tohonsinki) is known 
           in Japan. Other than DBSK, the D-NA which is the acronym for Daebak Namja (The 
           Best Man), also have an international name that is called "The Boss". When in 
           Japan, this group is known by the name "Daikoakku Danji". 2PM is the only group  
           that has no leader because their former leader is Park Jae Beom has withdrawn 
           from JYPE agency on specific reasons and the management does want to replace  
           his spot.

            In addition, Girl's Generation or fondly known as SNSD (So Nyeo Si Dae) means the 
            young woman's generation. Singer and actor Rain also known through his career 
            that is successful on international. Rain in Korea is known as "Bi" while outside the 
            country known by his original name is Jung Ji Hoon. International films that have  
            been played by Rain are "Ninja Assassins" and "Speed ​​Racer".

            The latest group has more than one names is called “Beast”. In early appearance, 
            the group has given the name as B2ST which stands for "Boys to Search for Top". 
            But after released their first album, they changed the group name to Beast. So,   
            do not be surprise when you found the group idol that you know have many 
            names. This situation only can be found in k-pop world.


Girls' Generation


      2)    Hobby with abbreviations.
           I do not know why the groups or singers are often shortened their names. But this 
           is not the common abbreviation name such as My Chemical Romance that has been  
           abbreviated to MCR. This is just a nickname called among fans and not the official 
           name on the album. This is compulsory to the k-pop fans to remember their   
           acronym name.

           Examples likes 1tyme is be read as "One Time", 5tion as "fiction", F.zuc as "focus"   
           and 2NE1 as "To Anyone". Group of man from the JYP Entertainment has taken the  
           “time” as their group’s names like "2AM and 2PM". Even more extreme a member’s  
           of the group has a different name and had been abbreviated example like 
           Big Bang. They have a unique stage name such as GD, TOP and SOL (another name 
           for Taeyang in Japan).



      3)    Have a special color.
           Has become a tradition in the k-pop world, where each group will have its own   
           color. Normally, during the concert and meeting with fans, the boy band and the  
           fans will be wearing clothes or accessories with the same color. Examples of  
           accessories are like balloons and light stick. So do not be surprised when you go to  
           K-pop concert festival and saw the sea of ​​color. In Korea, these colors can be seen 
           in the broadcasting event such as KBS Music Bank, SBS Inkigayo, MBC Core Music 
           and M.Net Countdown. Is it good right if we can always watch this concerts live???

Light Stick


      4)    Culture of  "LEDER & MAKNAE"
           K-pop group also has another tradition, the youngest member and the leader 
           usually will get the attention first from the fans. When introducing themselves,  
           they would mention their name and position. For example like: 'annyeong haseyo, 
           naneun syupeo junieo lideoyeossji ui .. leeteuk imnida '(Hello, my name is leeteuk 
           and I was the leader of super junior).Calls for the leader is leader-shi, while for 
           the youngest member is called maknae or "the baby member". In Korea, a 
           television station had a special program for the maknae entitled "Maknae's 
Super Junior

            A unique thing from the k-pop fans is when they created couples from their  
            favorite idol. Example likes DBSK Yunjae and U-Know couple, while Yunho, Hero  
            and Jaejoong couple before they split from DBSK. Each activity that they are 
            seems very close.

            Like Super Junior, they have so many pairs because of the large number of 
            members: KangTeuk (Kangin and Leeteuk), TeukChul (Leetuk and Heechul but  
            more popular with the name 83lines), EunHae (EUNHYUK and Donghae), HeeBum 
            (Heechul and Kibum), HanChul (Hanggeng and Heechul), KyuMin (Kyuhyun and 
            Sungmin), YeWook (Yesung and Ryeowook) and there is also EunSiHae, Sibum and  

            Starting from a picture, illustration, until reaching fanfaic (short stories from fans  
            who use their favorite idol as characters in these stories) and can be found on  
            the Internet. Not only that, but many other boy band also have their couple such   
            as SS501 has Tom & Jerry (Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon), U-Kiss couple is 
            Elvin (Eli and Kevin), FT Island couple is HongJae (Lee Hong Ki and Lee Jae Jin),  
            Jongki couple (Choi Jung Hun and Lee Hong Ki), MBLAQ couple is Joonmi (Lee  
            Joon and MIR), Teen Top couple is LChunRick (L.Joe Chunji and Ricky), SNSD  
            couple is TaeSun (Taeyon and Sunny), YoonYul couple (YoonA and Yuri) and others. 
            It is difficult to understand but it was the K-pop music.

FT Island



Teen Top


       6)    Each management have their own way.
            The last tip how to recognize artists of  k-pop is by looking at the group under  
            the guidance of whom. Each management had they own way to debut their a  
            artists. Groups under the guidance of SM Entertainment are commonly known as a 
            multitalented artist. Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Yesung is a radio DJ in Sukira Station   
            (Super Junior Kiss Radio), Heechul in Youngstreet segmnet, and Shindong in  
             Shimsimtapa segment.  
            While Siwon, Donghae and Kibum more talented in acting. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook,  
            Yesung, and others are more focus on Super Junior KRY with greater vocal.  
            Because all of the super junior members have their own style of humor, they  
            often appear in variety show such as EHB (Exploration Human Body), Star Golden       
            Ball, Come To Play, Happy Together, Strong Heart, and others. Whereas, their  
            sub group of Super Junior M is more focus on promoting they album in China and  

            Meanwhile, under YG Entertainment artist’s guidance are more focusing to be a 
            top singer. But, they do not just appear in a special event just to commenting  
            their own activities. Big Bang and 2NE1 has they own program called the Big Bang  
            TV and 2NE1 TV that broadcasted on Mnet TV and MTV Korea. Members from Big 
            Bang that are GD, TOP and Seungri often appear in variety show because they got 
            a natural style of humor.

            Furthermore, artists from JYP Entertainment also has their own way and more  
            talented in acting world. Started from Rain, who plays the role as hero in Full  
            House drama and Ninja Assassin movie had become a successful to JYP 
            Entertainment. JYP also has introduced his artist to act in film and drama. Sohee 
            from  Wonder Girl has come forward with the movie "Some Like It Hot or  
            Hellcats". Seulong from 2AM comes up with Lee Min Ho in "Personal Taste" drama  
            and also Jo Kwon from 2AM acting in All My Love drama series.

            JYP's biggest obstacle to produce his artists in the acting world is proved when 
            the agency from artist Bae Yong Joon wants to collaborate in producing a popular 
            musical drama of Dream High. Not escaped from it, JYP also known as the most   
            democratic management because when Jay Park former leader of 2PM decided to 
            withdraw from the management and JYP has respect to his decision. Because of 
            this democratic spirit has made JYP rarely heard a conflict issues with artists or  
            other parties like television station. And this is different from YG Entertainment  
            and SM Entertainment who had issued with KBS and Mnet.

Big Bang


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