Friday, 13 April 2012

Locks of Love in Namsan Tower

Using padlocks to show love began in the 1980s, in the centre of the southern Hungarian city of Pécs. It is said that locks and love seem to be synonymous; therefore, sweethearts can leave comments on padlocks to express their love messages. Along a fence on the ground in the North Seoul Tower on Mt. Namsan in central Seoul, you’ll find thousands and thousands of locks symbolizing the love between couples. Love messages on padlocks are often signatures of couples and vows so that they never separate. Such exciting location has become an attractive destination for young tourists. Below are the most stunning images of "Locks of Love" in Namsan Tower, Seoul, Korea.

Locks decorated with writings, drawings and stickers appear so eye-catching. Sometimes, they look like toys

Right after the wall of love padlocks, that is Seoul television tower

There are a variety of padlocks attached in the wall and the fence. How colorful and stylish!

Seoul Tower, located in central Seoul in the middle of Namsan Park is also known as a hot spot with romantic beauty

Seoul Tower reaches 480 meters above sea level offering the wonderful views of the whole city and surrounding areas

This is a popular place for lovers thanks to the peace and quiet space. This site is not suitable for crowds and boisterous teenagers although teenagers love here

Seoul Tower’s Locks of Love has become a memorable and exotic location for both local and foreign tourists

In order to owns such impressive engraved padlocks, you can buy them in gift shops

it is a more interesting way to show love that writing or gluing love message notes on the wall at Seoul Tower

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