Thursday, 26 April 2012

Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village opened in October 1974, is located near Everland in Yongin, a suburb of Seoul in the Gyeonggi province, South Korea. The Korean Folk Village is a living museum and international tourist attraction for both Korean and foreign visitors that is occupies an area of about 243 acres in a natural environment. In the Korean Folk Village there are more than 260 houses reproducing traditional Korean homes from the late Joseon Dinasty. Many types of buildings are included, representing all the social classes and different regions of South Korea. Due to its proximity to Seoul, it remains one of the best-known of Korea's folk villages, although those in the countryside tend to be more authentic. The Folk Village is home to Korean heritage and many features of Korean culture have been collected and preserved for future generations.

In the Korean Folk Village there are also traditional restaurants with a general view of Korean food, a traditional market and various workshops showcasing all the traditional Korean crafts, clothing, housing styles from the past including metalwork, woodwork, fans, musical instruments and a lot more. Visitors also can see artisans practice their handicraft skills in pottery, basket and bamboo weaving, paper making, and many other traditional arts. Watch as these master craftsmen (and women) create beautiful designs in brass, embroidery, iron, and clay. The Korean Folk Village also includes a Folk Museum, an Art Museum, performances of traditional dance, as well as an amusement park with rides, games and recreational activities for all the family.

Opening Hours:  Summer (9 am - 6 pm)
    Winter (9 am - 5 pm)

Fees:- Admission Fees:      Adults      : 11,000 won (Groups: 9,000 won)
                                     Youths     : 8,000 won (Groups: 7,000 won)
                                     Children   : 7,000 won (Groups: 6,000 won)

          Unlimited Usage:    Adults      : 16,000 won (Groups: 14,000 won)
                                     Youths     : 14,000 won (Groups: 13,000 won)
                  Children   : 13,000 won (Groups: 12,000 won)

               Folk Museum:     Adults    : 14,000 won (Groups: 12,000 won)
                  Youths    : 11,000 won (Groups: 10,000 won)
                  Children  : 10,000 won (Groups: 9,000 won)

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