Friday, 13 April 2012

Touch Korea Tour

Why should I be selected to join the Korea Touch Tour? Because I know a lot of interesting information about korea from the researched that I had done examples like interesting places must to visit and the delicacy food in Korea. Today I have learned Korean language little by little even though the pronunciation is not right.kekeke... (Hopefully I can master this language one day).  (^,^)v

Here some information I wanna share with you guys.

 Dongdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market

  • South Korea is famous for its traditional markets of Dongdaemun Market and Namdaemun MarketBoth are very famous market with extremely cheaper pricesMany tourists who come here to buy souvenirs and taste their local foods.
  • In addition, this two markets also sell other items such as shoes, clothes, traditional Korean clothes called "Hanbok" and many more.

Some of Korean delicacy foods :-

Kimchi or pickled cabbage

Tteokbokki or hot and spice rice cake

Gimbap or rice roll

 Pajun or korean pancake

Some of tourist attractions :-

Namsan Tower

Cheonggyecheon Stream 


War Memorial of Korea


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