Thursday, 26 April 2012

Top 15 Foods Must Eat In Korea

1. Kimchi -Usually Chinese cabbage that is  
               mixed in a giant jar with chili  
               pepper powder, garlic, vinegar  
               and allowed to sit for several  
               days before eating.

2. Bibimbap - Literally translated "Bibim" 
                    means mixed and "bap" means 
                    rice. That's pretty much  
                    exactly what it is. Rice, with  
                    veggies, and a hot red sauce  
                    added in that you simply take  
                    your spoon and mixed all  

3. Kimbap -Literally translated "Kim" means  
                seaweed and "bap" means rice.  
                It's very similar to a sushi roll  
                except it normally contains  
                other things than fish. You can  
                get anything in them from egg,  
                to crab meat, to spam, to  
                canned tuna, or just a regular  
                veggie one. These are sold  

4. Samgyupsal - Although I can’t eat pork but I just wanna 
                       share this food to others. There are  
                       different kinds of meats you can order, 
                       strips of pork are what this one relates to. 
                       Essentially it's "Korean BBQ" where you 
                       have a hot plate in front of you and you  
                       cook everything up yourself: onions,   
                       mushrooms, garlic slices, etc and then  
                       take the meat and your  favorite filling  
                       and stuff it on a piece of lettuce and  
                       shove it in your mouth. It's pretty cheap  
                       and delicious. It's a common favorite for  
                       big groups of people to eat.

5. Kimchi Ramyun - That's right, I said  
                            "Ramyun" not "Ramen".  
                            "Myun" in korean means  
                            "noodle" so they have  
                            adapted the word. So,  
                            this is ramen with 
                            kimchi flavor base. It's  
                            usually very spicy,  
                            comes with an egg and  
                            maybe a few pieces of  
                            meat if you're lucky.

6. Naengmyun - Here's that "myun" suffix  
                       again. That's right, it's a  
                       thing noodle (I believe it's 
                       made from rice) in a bowl 
                       of frozen juices or water 
                       with an egg, veggies, and  
                       chili pepper sauce.  It taste  
                       kind of like vinegar but it  
                       can be sweet depending on 
                       what kind you get. This is a  
                       favorite summer food to  
                       cool down from those hot  

7. Dongasu - Plain simply, it's a piece of 
                  pork cutlet fried up in a 
                  delicious batter. It's usually 
                  served with a sweet honey  
                  sauce or a dark salty sauce to 
                  dip or pour onto it. It's not as 
                  healthy as some of the other 
                  foods but it's definitely a good  
                  break from the monotony that  
                  can build up with noodles and 

8.  Ddukbokki - "Dduk" in usually refers to 
                       some type of noodle of   
                       pastry made from rice. This 
                       is a big, fat, chewy noodle 
                       made from rice covered in 
                       a spicy sauce. It's a must try 
                       that you can find in most 
                       restaurants and from street  

9. Mandu - I've been told this is actually a  
                Chinese dish, but you can find it  
                everywhere in Korea. It's  
                essentially just a dumpling that's  
                usually filled with either minced 
                pork or kimchi. It comes with a 
                nice soy sauce to dip it in. It  
                comes in many varieties from  
                big dumpling to small "water"  
                mandu or even Mandu Ramyun  
                (Ramen with mandu in it).

10. Udon - Although I'm not sure of the 
               origin of udon (probably Japan). 
               While most udon and ramen in  
               Japan had made by hand 
               noodles, the only kind had in 
               Korea is pre-packaged stuff. Still, 
               it's decent enough to have once 
               in a while in Korea.

11. Pumop Bang - Pumop is a type of fish 
                         and "bang" in Korean 
                         means "bread. It's basically 
                         filled with warm, sweet 
                         bean paste on the inside  
                         of some sweet type 
                         bread. These are one of 
                         the most addicting things 
                         in winter to eat.

12. Tangsuyuk - This is served at Chinese 
                       restaurants. This dish is use 
                       of pork or beef as a main
                       ingredient. The taste  
                       basically sweet and sour.

13. Jajangmyun(black bean sauce noodles)   
     - This is also served from Chinese 
       restaurants. Although they say it’s 
       Chinese food, it's actually Koreanized 
       Chinese food. This means nowhere in 
       China or any other place can you find 
       this type of food since it was created 
       by Koreans. It's basically a type of tick 
       spaghetti noodle with a salty brown
       sauce that has onions, veggies, and 
       small pieces of meat in it. Mixed it up 
       and enjoy.

14. Takkalbi- Basically it's chicken, pieces 
                   of sweet potato, and kimchi is 
                   a spicy and slightly sweet 
                   sauce. It's precooked, but 
                   they keep it on the pan to 
                   stay warm or so you can throw 
                   rice in at the end to mix 
                   together. You eat this 
                   similarly to Samgyupsal. You 
                   put the chicken and veggies 
                   on a piece of lettuce with a 
                   little bit of chili paste sauce 
                   and shove it in your mouth. 
                  Another good meal for two people or a giant group.

15.  Jjambbong (spicy seafood noddle)
      - Another popular Koreanized Chinese  
        food The noddle usually use 
        spaghetti or linguini noodles. The 
        soup is typically made with chicken 
        stock for a rich flavor, but you can 
        also use anchovy broth for a cleaner 
        and lighter taste. This soup also 
        incorporates pork, chili infused oil, 
        and various vegetables and seafood. 
        The combination of all the natural 
        ingredients creates a hearty bowl of 
        soup that is packed  with robust  
        flavors. The spiciness will surely clear your sinuses!


  1. Is veg kimchi and veg ddukbokki available in korea? ( Because i'm a pure vegetarian)

  2. a great list! but what about bulgogi?