Saturday, 28 April 2012

COEX Aquarium

The COEX Aquarium is located at 159 Samseong-dong Gangnam-gu in Seoul, is one of South Korea's largest Aquariums with over 40,000 creatures from over 650 species on display. The COEX Aquarium features 90 exhibition tanks grouped in fourteen "discovery zones", including six themed areas.  The aquarium is housed within the COEX mall, which is, itself, part of the larger COEX Convention & Exhibition Center. The aquarium opened in 2000.

The COEX Aquarium is arranged such that visitors follow a preset path through the aquarium, experiencing each of the themed areas in turn. Each exhibit features a dedicated aquarium tank where visitors can view species of fish indigenous to the theme location. In addition to fish, other local animals are included in the exhibit such as birds, otters, and polar bears, and appropriate vegetation is also included in each exhibit.
The theme areas, in order of presentation are:-
  •          The Inca Empire
  •          Amazonian World
  •          Seven Seas
  •          Ocean Kingdom
  •          Marine Touch
  •          Undersea Tunnel

In the undersea tunnel exhibit, visitors walk in an acrylic tunnel through a tank containing 2000 tons of water. The tank includes sharks and sea turtles which swim around visitors in all directions.

In the introductory first gallery, six tanks are filled with fish which are changed each season. The aquarium also features exhibits detailing the local Korean river ecosystems. The COEX Aquarium also features several smaller exhibits, many with a focus on entertaining children. One such exhibit, titled "Wonderland", contains a collection of "eccentric fish tanks" including a shower cubicle, computer monitor, bath tub, and toilet bowl. Several exhibits specifically allow visitors to touch starfish and shellfish. Before leaving the COEX Aquarium the quintessential gift shop offers tourists fun souvenirs.

Opening Hours:  10 am to 8 pm
   * (final admissions at 7 pm) all year round

Admission Fees: - Adults - 15,500 Won
       Teens - 13,000 Won
   Children - 10,000 Won
    Kids under 4years old - free.

Coex Aquarium entrance

fish tank in refrigerator

Undersea Tunnel

Two head tortoise

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