Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kimchi Museum

Historically, the Koreans discovered kimchi dish which is produced from fermented vegetables when looking for ways to prepare for the winter. It is the most nutritious meal in the world.

Kimchi Museum displayed the most famous food in Korea and easily to enter because it is located within the shopping complex COEX InterContinental Seoul. Only with the charges of 3.000 won for adults, 2,000 won for students and 1,000 won for children four years and above. 1,001 types of kimchi are display as well as the pride of Koreans. If using the services of an underground train station, stopping only at the second platform of Samsung Station to the museum on two floors underground of COEX Mall.

COEX InterContinental Seoul is part of the Korea World Trade Center Seoul, the leading business one-stop center located at 159, Samsung-Dong, Gagnam-Gu, Seoul. Kimchi Museum was built in an effort to learn, explore and reach a kimchi culture. It also aims to deliver the most accurate information about the kimchi to Korean and foreign tourists. Pulmuone Inc. company initially build this museum in pill-dong, Jung-gu in 1986 specifically for the Olympics. However, the museum moved to the COEX complex to expose the kimchi to the public. The museum moved once again in conjunction with the ASEM meeting to-3 in Seoul in 2000.

Various materials are available at this unique museum including kimchi related videos, briefings and special lectures for housewives and young people. It also collects books and articles that play an important role in providing information of Kimchi to the world in Korean culture through foreign media including the New York Times and the BBC. Various exhibitions are presented on the provision of special Kimchi is served especially in the temple and the museum appears to help people understand the traditional of Korean foods.

Among the exhibits, including cooking equipment, various types of kimchi, ingredients relevant to the preparation, storage, how to eat kimchi, and includes an emphasis on the process of preparing kimchi “Kimjang” in its own way in the winter. Data on the fermentation process and its benefits are also on display. Here also provided a library, rooms for visitors to try the kimchi and the food outlet. Exhibition space is divided into the history of kimchi containing models, books, paintings and jars used in the production of these foods.

These museums also have booths displaying various types of special kimchi for palace and temple, as well as how to provision of kimchi that varies according to season and province. In process of manufacturing and storage space displayed several documents of that explaining the benefits of kimchi to the digestive process to the human body. Visitors can learn how kimchi fermentation process carried out and form their own characters through a microscope.

Among the other facilities provided in this museum are educational and library room. This space contains a lot of local and foreign languages ​​for research on kimchi and other food preparation. Upon completion of the appearance of knowing the history of kimchi, the visitors have the opportunity to try various types of kimchi itself. In the souvenir shop, sell a variety of gifts that must be purchased by visitors and of course is incomplete without buying kimchi.

The museum is open on Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm. It closed every Monday and public holidays.

Entrance of Kimchi Museum

A Hall of Kimchi photographs.

Fermentation Process

This exhibit features the various necessities for the storage of Kimchi, traditionally done outdoors, during its fermentation period.
Types of Kimchi displayed

Kimchi enthusiasts wander to see the various forms of Kimchi on exhibit.

Painting of Kimchi

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